Fixing a community tank in the broadest terms

The Community Tank is Having Trouble. 

Do this:

Check pH 

Drop the water level 50%. 

Pull your sponge filters and wring them out in the *fish tank water* not under the tap.


Refill the tank to 90%.

Apply at least a teaspoon of baking soda.

Go out to your pond, pull out some sponge material from the filter, and wring it into a bucket. Get a lot. if it is a dark, greenish-brown, then you win.

Slowly put at least a quart (but preferably a half gallon) of greenish squeezins into the tank. 

⭐️ It is better for the fish if you put the squeezins in a container with a small hole punched in it. And let it trickle into the system, instead of flooding it. 

Let your ‘wrung-clean’ filters pick up the bio-active ‘goo’.

In the morning, add another teaspoon or two of baking soda.

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